Multicultural Patient Engagement Solutions

ConsejoSano offers the only healthcare engagement solution tailored to address the needs of clients with multicultural populations.

ConsejoSano works with at-risk providers, health plans, government programs, employers, and other partners to give their members a new level of linguistically and culturally tailored care. This is increasingly important as organizations transition to value-based care. We've pioneered a new model of engagement + navigation based on healthcare data analytics that drives higher health plan member engagement and smarter use of existing in-network resources.

Our world is multicultural and multilingual, but our healthcare system isn’t. It operates on an antiquated structure and design that disregards patient needs, particularly those who are not native English speakers. The result is a negative impact on the health of millions of people. It means greater healthcare costs at lower health outcomes and a disproportionate number of patients who delay seeking care - if they seek care at all.

At ConsejoSano, we are on a mission to change health outcomes for the millions of people who are disenfranchised by the healthcare as it works today. We recognize the enormous disparity in healthcare and we are addressing it through a suite of world-class technologies designed for today’s society. We provide multi-channel messaging, care management, patient engagement, healthcare data analytics, consciously tailored content to drive action and other tools that help our clients increase member engagement, improve healthcare quality measures and enhance revenue. We understand people, culture and determinants of health and use our knowledge to help people live healthier lives.

ConsejoSano connects users to navigators from a shared cultural background. ConsejoSano helps users navigate to in-network services, answer questions about self-care, connect social program users to quality outcomes and drive preventative care, helping organizations transition to value-based care. ConsejoSano provides services to multicultural populations including those that speak English, Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, Mandarin, Cantonese, Armenian, Tagalog, and others.

We believe we can make healthcare
work for everyone.


Engaging today’s patients requires the sophistication of behavioral science, A/B testing and getting to the heart of each one’s psychographic profile to get patients to take the desired health action. ConsejoSano does that with their team of culturally savvy health experts who use a variety of tools to drive behavior change, helping you reach those “unseen” or hard to reach patients.

Government Programs

ConsejoSano provides groups and individualized care management campaigns that help patients make better self-care decisions and navigate to efficient in-network care. ConsejoSano works with a range of partners including Medicaid, Medicare and Medicare Advantage programs to support managed care communities through strengthened links to their healthcare. Our team has extensive experience working in Medicare Advantage Programs to increase CMS STAR ratings and Medicaid programs to increase HEDIS measures.


Modern health care providers need to have a clear strategy and offerings for attracting, retaining and engaging diverse patients. Our medical navigators have a deep understanding of patients’ languages and cultures to help them make smart decisions which help increase healthcare quality measures, boost revenue and improve health outcomes for Health Centers, Physician Associations, Accountable Care Organizations and Health Systems. In addition to addressing HEDIS, Star and other quality measures, ConsejoSano also works with clients to close gaps in care, maximize incentive payments and drive visit revenue with targeted patient populations.


Struggling to engage employees in their healthcare? Concerned with the lack of participation in healthcare programs at your organization? ConsejoSano makes it easy to deliver customized, culturally-tailored services that employees love and actually use. We help you understand employee attitudes and behaviors about health, driving higher utilization of benefits which make for healthier employees and greater job satisfaction.