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Borrego Health succeeds with multicultural patient engagement techn...
June 07, 2019
The technology can support Borrego in more than 22 languages. More than 15,000 patients who were not engaging in their health received care from these new efforts involving outreach programs via the technology.

ConsejoSano Mentioned On Rock Health Podcast
June 07, 2019
In 2018, digital health companies leveraging telemedicine received nearly $1.5B in investment. And although telemedicine adoption has grown across the board in recent years, the majority of users remain the urban and the young.

What They’re Watching: Abner Mason, ConsejoSano
June 04, 2019
Abner Mason is the Founder and CEO of ConsejoSano. He joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to discuss engaging multi-cultural Medi-Cal members.

Why the healthcare system should be dialing in texting
May 24, 2019

Millions of people use text messaging technology for this reason. It’s not surprising that it is becoming a key solution in the consumerization of healthcare as well.

HDM names 2019 class of Most Powerful Women in HIT
May 09, 2019
Health Data Management has named 50 women to this year’s list of the Most Powerful Women in Healthcare IT. This is the fourth year that HDM has sponsored its program to recognize the top women in healthcare IT leadership positions across the country.

Redefining Medtech | Episode 3: Vik Bakhru
April 24, 2019
Redefining MedTech features Vik Bakhru MD: the Chief Operating Officer of ConsejoSano, Inc, a multicultural technology platform dedicated to improving health outcomes for under-served populations.

How Do You Navigate a Health System If You Don’t Speak The La...
April 24, 2019
The U.S. healthcare system - despite being one of the most expensive in the world - doesn't reflect the country's diversity.

Growth With An Impact: The Rise Of VCs Looking To Fund A (Profitabl...
April 17, 2019
Traditionally, impact investment has not been the cool kid in venture capital. But that’s slowly changing. More investors recognize that making money and making a positive impact on the world doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Platform engages Medi-Cal members through culturally relevant texts
April 08, 2019
Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan is finding success with Medi-Cal member engagement through the use of culturally relevant text messaging. The health plan is working in collaboration with health care engagement platform ConsejoSano to offer a messaging service — offered in 22 different languages — designed to engage Medi-Cal beneficiaries who might otherwise feel disconnected from the health care system.

Dr. Molly Coye Joins ConsejoSano Board Of Directors
April 08, 2019
ConsejoSano, a multicultural patient engagement platform for payers, providers and health systems, announced today that Dr. Molly J. Coye has joined ConsejoSano's board of directors...