We Stand With The Black Community And Against Racism

The core tenet of ConsejoSano is that every single person has an unalienable human dignity and deserves to be treated with such each and every day of their lives. We are proudly led by a Black Founder & CEO, and we are a team deeply rooted in the diversity of our distinct cultures and experiences. We as colleagues and co-builders of this company hold an inviolable belief in the value of human life.

We at ConsejoSano unequivocally condemn the abhorrence of racism and racially-motivated violence.

The unjustifiable murder of Black people must stop.

We acknowledge that Black people experience staggering challenges that are made even harder to overcome by an inequitable system. 

The withholding of resources needed to break the cycle of multi-generational poverty must stop.

The structural racism and systematic violence against and devaluation of Black people must stop. 

The denial of safety as a basic human right must stop. 

We as a company, as colleagues, and as individuals, remain committed to amplifying the voices that too often go unheard and to seeking justice for those who have been denied the chance to seek it for themselves.

To those who are hurting, who are afraid, who are angry, who are frustrated or feeling hopeless: we see you. We hear you. We stand with you and we respect you.

We are mourning those lost to violence and grieving with those who have lost loved ones.

We must continue our work to strengthen our communities, to champion the agency of Black people and others who are too often marginalized.