Press Release: ConsejoSano Provides Multicultural, Multilingual Patient Engagement Solutions To Health Providers Battling COVID-19

ConsejoSano Provides Multicultural, Multilingual Patient Engagement Solutions To Health Providers Battling COVID-19

Leading Health Tech Company Helps Providers Reach People Across 20+ Languages And Cultures, Extends Special Options For Safety Net Providers


NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA (April 1, 2020): ConsejoSano, a multicultural patient engagement platform for payers, providers and health systems, has announced the expansion of its solutions for COVID-19. Available now, ConsejoSano’s solutions can be rapidly deployed by healthcare providers to reach and connect with patients about COVID-19, while helping to ease strain on hospitals and clinics by reducing unnecessary in-person visits.

Through ConsejoSano technology, health providers can reach, communicate, and share information with populations in the language and culture of each patient. This helps eliminate barriers to care, while increasing patient participation and proactivity. For providers in the COVID-19 crisis, it enables instant, constant support for patients to help provide critical information, education, and service, anytime and anywhere. The company’s solutions use SMS text messaging and other common communications. 

In addition to the availability of its multi-modal technology solutions in 20+ different languages and cultures for any healthcare provider impacted by COVID-19,the company is also announcing OutREACH: COVID-19 Grants. These grants are for in-kind services to help providers reach and educate their patients. Safety Net Providers are on the frontlines of care for America’s underserved populations, including Medicare and Medicaid. These patients often face barriers and challenges with traditional healthcare and health tech, and are often more impacted by disease.

“COVID-19 is challenging our healthcare system, and one of the most effective tools we have to stop the spread of the virus is fact-based education and information that is available to everyone,” said Abner Mason, Founder and CEO of ConsejoSano. “With a population of America’s size and diversity, including how people get information and use technology, our healthcare system can’t rely on a one-size-fits-all approach.”

Created in 2014, ConsejoSano is a leading patient engagement and care navigation solution provider to dozens of healthcare organizations in the United States. Since the start of COVID-19, it has delivered millions of text messages in over two dozen languages and cultures for the companies and people it serves.

“America is multicultural and multilingual, but our healthcare system is not,” added Mason. “This has been impacting healthcare and the health of our population long before COVID-19. In a healthcare crisis, it can mean life or death for millions of people. We are able to help.”

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About ConsejoSano

ConsejoSano is a patient engagement platform that helps healthcare systems connect with their multicultural Medicaid and Medicare patient populations. The company utilizes multi-channel engagement tools to reach patients in a culturally relevant way that increases engagement, lowers costs, and improves health outcomes. For more information, visit