Join our CEO, Abner Mason, for his presentation at California Association of Health Plans seminar on July 25th

Our CEO, Abner Mason, will be presenting at an upcoming seminar at the California Association of Health Plans (CAHP). The Evolution & Future of California’s Medi-Cal Program – How Plans & Providers are Redefining Health Care Delivery will address non-medical needs as a key component of a successful Medicaid program. This timely seminar will offer C-Level healthcare executives new approaches to better managing Medi-Cal as it continues to expand and provide health care for millions of Californians.

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When it comes to reaching multicultural patients; technology and data can improve engagement, resulting in increased quality and health outcomes. But it isn’t enough to pull data and plug it into technology; healthcare organizations need the right strategy in place to make the data work for them and their patients. We must meet the unique needs of multicultural patients. What may work for one population may not work for another.  Multicultural populations often utilize technology differently, with language and culture playing a larger role.

Abner believes the key lies in products and services that integrate technology and the human touch in a strategic way. This integration empowers plans, payers, and providers to make better decisions for the patients they serve. With a better understanding of patients, Payers will be able to connect with them on a more personal level in order to provide better healthcare services, and therefore increase health outcomes.

This presentation will share best practices and real world examples of how California healthcare organizations are leveraging available resources to engage culturally diverse populations to take the desired health actions to optimize revenue, quality measures, and member health outcomes.

ConsejoSano focuses on connecting the underserved with the medical help they need. To do so, the company has combined technology and the human touch in a way that helps Payers/providers better understand their patient populations.

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