ConsejoSano CEO Abner Mason Presents at TEDMED 2017

Today’s doctors are practicing in a country that’s increasingly bilingual and multicultural, however our healthcare system hasn’t kept up with this changing American landscape. ConsejoSano, led by Founder and CEO Abner Mason, is working to change that with their more inclusive vision for healthcare. Check out Abner’s 2017 TEDMED Hive Talk to learn how the company is designing patient engagement and care navigation solutions that help doctors activate their multicultural, at-risk, and underserved patient populations to better engage with the healthcare system.

Abner Mason, ConsejoSano’s CEO, spoke at TEDMED 2017 this past November in Palm Springs, California. His talk highlighted ConsejoSano’s vision for inclusive healthcare by discussing how technology can help doctors better communicate with their patients.

ConsejoSano hopes to achieve this inclusive vision for healthcare by providing technologies such as multi-channel messaging and data analytics. These technologies help doctors serve underserved patients by helping both doctors and patients communicate, engage with, and navigate the healthcare system better.

There is a growing disconnect linguistically and culturally between doctors and patients. This disconnect is troublesome because where patients come from, who they are, their culture and their habits influence their health decisions. ConsejoSano bridges this gap by providing better patient engagement which increases revenue and creates better health outcomes.

Mason envisions a future where artificial intelligence and big data can help doctors know their patients even better so that every patient gets high quality, compassionate care regardless of cultural and linguistic background.

ConsejoSano helps at-risk providers, government programs, health plans, and employers lower costs, increase engagement, and improve health outcomes through multicultural patient engagement technologies.