ConsejoSano Brings Culture To The Medicaid Transformation Project

What does the number of family physicians in Lebanon have to do with emergency department utilization rates in the United States? The answer is “plenty” when it comes to Lebanese immigrant patients. Even when people leave countries, they don’t necessarily leave their prior daily reality or understanding of how the world works. This, as much as religion and more than language, is the underlying foundation of culture.

The impact of culture on emergency department utilization was the focus of a presentation given by CEO Abner Mason, COO Vik Bakhru, and VP of Business Development Kevin McCarthy’s at the Medicaid Transformation Project. ConsejoSano was selected by AVIA to present before a group of health system representatives who have been participating in the Medicaid Transformation Project, a joint program of AVIA and TownHall Ventures.

The Medicaid Transformation Project is a nation-wide effort to change the health and care of the Medicaid population and other vulnerable patient populations. The goal is to leverage digital solutions and innovative care models to effectively and efficiently meet the needs of these Americans.

And how does the number of Family Physicians in Lebanon affect emergency department utilization in the United States? Lebanon has more hospitals than practicing family physicians. If you were in Lebanon and needed medical care, where would you go?