ConsejoSano at Connected Health Conference

Kim Howell, Director of Client Relations at 
ConsejoSano, attended and presented at the Connected Health Conference last week. Her presentation, “Technology as a Solution to Improving Social Determinants of Health (SDOH),” addressed the role that technology can and will play in the future to help people live better, healthier lives regardless of circumstance.

During her presentation, Kim noted that, “Our healthcare system spends approximately three trillion dollars on health outcomes annually. But population health is not improving. In fact, it’s ranking below that of other developed nations. ConsejoSano recognizes this issue and understands that where we are born, live, work, and grow, impact our health choices and outcomes. Through the combination of technology and the human touch, however, we can communicate with patients where they are at and encourage them to get the help they need.”

The conference was held October 17-19 this year in Boston. The event creates an unmatched thought leadership experience for provocative and forward-thinking discussion, deal-making opportunities, and real-world perspectives. ConsejoSano combines data, behavioral science, and cultural understanding to effectively engage patient populations to improve health outcomes and lower costs.