ConsejoSano at California Association of Health Plans Seminar

It’s all about balancing technology and the human touch. This message is the focus of Abner Mason’s recent presentation titled, “Empowering Physicians to Use Technology and Data to Engage Multicultural Patients.”


His presentation introduced a room full of Health Plan executives to the concept of Multicultural Patient Engagement 2.0, which shows Payers how they can improve engagement for multicultural populations and why plans should care about doing so.


According to the LA Times, one out of three Californian’s are covered by Medicaid and 80% of those programs are in managed care plans. The many people enrolled in these programs are diverse, with more than half being Hispanic. So the question becomes, are these people getting the care they need?


The key is to empower community physicians, engage patients with a multicultural lens, reduce barriers to care, and leverage technology and data with a human touch.


Studies show consumers trust their doctors more than their health plans, but unfortunately, many doctors are overworked and burning out. That’s where ConsejoSano comes into play. We work with the current technology that doctors have in order to learn and understand their unique patient populations, design culturally appropriate content and run campaigns, and finally, we close the loop by sharing data with both doctors and plans.


Thank you to all who attended Abner’s session. To learn more about ConsejoSano solutions, click here.