Abner Mason Speaks at Acumen Partner Gathering

“Today as we work to make our country and the world healthier and more just, we can deploy better tools, more experience, more resources, and more compassion than ever before.” – Abner Mason, CEO of ConsejoSano

On October 16 and 17, our CEO Abner Mason attended and spoke at Acumen’s Annual Partner Gathering. Abner discussed the events that led to the creation of ConsejoSano and how ConsejoSano is helping healthcare providers and payers to engage with their multicultural patient populations.

Abner led the audience through his journey of advocacy for people who need it most. Highlights included his time as Chief Policy Advisor to the Governor of Massachusetts and international advocacy work for LGBT populations and people living with HIV/AIDS. The journey continues today with ConsejoSano, Abner’s most ambitious project to date.

Acumen brings together their partners, board, advisors, leaders, entrepreneurs, and team members annually for this event. The goal is to inspire innovative thinking while learning about other companies and making connections. ConsejoSano connects the underserved to the medical attention they need and deserve. Through the combination of technology and the human touch, ConsejoSano helps providers and payers better understand their patients. To see what ConsejoSano can do for you, send an email to hello@consejosano.com and a member of our team will connect with you.