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Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan Helps Medi-Cal Member...
March 19, 2019
Text messaging in 22 languages helps thousands of Medi-Cal families in Southern California receive improved access to health services

Freeing data, unblocking healthcare in California
February 05, 2019
Manifest MedEx is California's largest nonprofit health data network. Every day, we deliver real-time information to help healthcare providers care for patients. Together, we are transforming the healthcare landscape across the state, supporting California as a leader in affordable, proactive, and compassionate medical care.

Medicaid innovators weigh in on renewed block grant push
January 25, 2019

Healthtech entrepreneurs working in the Medicaid space share their thoughts on a new effort to fund Medicaid through block grants and the argument that it may spur innovation.

Health tech collaborative hopes to bring valuable solutions to the ...
November 26, 2018
Medicaid beneficiaries are, by definition, the most vulnerable healthcare population in America. Despite this, innovative health technology companies tend to bring their products elsewhere—usually the employer-sponsored or Medicare Advantage markets...

ConsejoSano: Why Health Care Needs to be Culturally Relevant
November 16, 2018
ConsejoSano, led by Founder and CEO Abner Mason, is working to change American health care by providing more inclusive patient engagement and care navigation solutions that help doctors activate multicultural and under served patient populations to better engage with the healthcare system.

Venture-backed Medicaid entrepreneurs launch advocacy group to bett...
November 16, 2018

A new national nonprofit called HealthTech4Medicaid (HT4M) is being created with the mission to improve quality and access for Medicaid recipients by helping to support new ideas in the space.

41 health tech CEOs join forces to bring innovation to Medicaid
November 16, 2018
More than 40 health technology CEOs from around the country have joined forces to bring technological innovation to the Medicaid program, which provides healthcare to one in five Americans

Health Tech Group Aims to Improve Medicaid Patient Access to Care
November 16, 2018

Health Tech 4 Medicaid aims to drive Medicaid innovation in line with technology innovation, improving patient access to care.

HealthTech4Medicaid (HT4M) Launches to Bring Technology Innovation ...
November 16, 2018
National Nonprofit Brings Prominent Healthtech CEOs Together to Improve Quality and Access for Medicaid Recipients through enabling technology

Engagement and building trust mean speaking patients’ language
November 08, 2018

A panel of industry experts at the MedCity ENGAGE conference went over the ways in which payers are out of touch with patients and how they can improve engagement and trust.