ConsejoSano CEO Abner Mason Featured at PULSE Summit

Three panelists: Abner Mason, Founder and CEO of ConsejoSano; Kyung Hee Choi, VP of Asian Health Services at Holy Name Medical Center; Walter Ramos, President of Carney Hospital.

“We should be connecting with people, keeping their culture in mind, to help them because people shouldn’t have to settle for poor quality services just because they might a low income.”

-Abner Mason, CEO of ConsejoSano

The Atlantic’s PULSE Summit in April, 2018

People of color will be the majority in the U.S. sometime between 2040 and 2050, according to recent census data. Participating in The Demographics of Care panel, which discussed and explored the future of our healthcare system, Mason also noted that “Everyone in America is different so we can’t treat people the same way when it comes to healthcare. Our country spends more money than any other country on healthcare per person with little to show for it.”